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Olaer (Schweiz) AG was founded on 1 October 1969 in Fribourg (Switzerland) by Manfred Steiner as a subsidiary of Olaer France.
Its first specialty, hydropneumatic bladder accumulators, led to a rapid expansion of Olaer’s business and product portfolio in the field of hydropneumatics and allowed to found subsidiaries in Austria, in the Czech Republic and in Hungary.

2013 Manfred Steiner and his longstanding collaborator Denise Brülhart decided to buy back Olaer (Schweiz) AG from the American Parker Hannifin Corporation Illinois area code , which had acquired Olaer Industries (formerly Olaer France) in 2012.

Olaer (Schweiz) AG actually employs collaborators in Austria, in Germany and in Switzerland. With its products and services in the fields of hydraulics and Water Business the company is one of the leading players in the Swiss market. Its services and innovating and sustainable products being systematically developed further and refined are greatly appreciated not only by the industry, but also in infrastructure equipment.

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