September 23, 2019

Press release - Succession settled (617.1 KiB)


Succession settled

The long-established Swiss company OLAER (Switzerland) AG, which has its headquarters in Düdingen and a branch in Austria, has arranged its succession plan. Founded over 50 years ago, OLAER (Switzerland) AG has made a name for itself in the steaming, cooling, storage and filtration of liquids. Its high-quality engineering solutions and products have become indispensable for many industrial and mobile applications.

In the second business area of shock absorbers for water and waste water engineering, OLAER (Switzerland) AG is showing strong growth and continually increasing its market share in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The water and waste water technology area is run under the brand “ORELL Tec”.

Manfred Steiner and Denise Brülhart-Mauron will be gradually handing the company over to Rolf Freiburghaus and Donat Pürro. “In Rolf Freiburghaus and Donat Pürro, we have found our ideal candidates”, says Manfred Steiner. “They will continue leading the company in line with our philosophy”, adds Denise Brülhart-Mauron. Manfred Steiner and Denise Brülhart-Mauron will remain with the company as Chairman respectively as Head of Finance & Administration. /















The new management: Rolf Freiburghaus, Denise Brülhart, Donat Pürro


About the company

Olaer (Switzerland) AG was founded on 1 October 1969 by Manfred Steiner in Fribourg, Switzerland as a subsidiary of Olaer France. Beginning with an initial specialisation in hydropneumatic bladder accumulators, Olaer (Switzerland) AG rapidly developed further by expanding its product portfolio in hydraulics and founding subsidiaries in Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In 2013, Manfred Steiner and his long-time colleague Denise Brülhart acquired Olaer (Switzerland) AG from the US-based Parker Hannifin Corporation, which had bought Olaer Industries (formerly Olaer France) in 2012.

Today, Olaer (Switzerland) AG employees staff in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. With its products and services in the fields of hydraulics and water and waste water engineering, the company is one of the leading players in the Swiss market. It focuses on the continual development of new, innovative and sustainable products and services for both industry and infrastructure. /



December 16, 2019

New- mobile- compact

Click here for the new data sheet OSP 760

September 23, 2019

Dear business partners

Olaer (Schweiz) AG was founded on 1 October 1969 in Fribourg (Switzerland) by Manfred Steiner as a subsidiary of Olaer France.
Its first specialty, hydropneumatic bladder accumulators, led to a rapid expansion of Olaer’s business and product portfolio in the field of hydropneumatics and allowed to found subsidiaries in Austria, in the Czech Republic and in Hungary.

2013 Manfred Steiner and his longstanding collaborator Denise Brülhart decided to buy back Olaer (Schweiz) AG from the American Parker Hannifin Corporation Illinois area code , which had acquired Olaer Industries (formerly Olaer France) in 2012.

Olaer (Schweiz) AG actually employs collaborators in Austria, in Germany and in Switzerland. With its products and services in the fields of hydraulics and Water Business the company is one of the leading players in the Swiss market. Its services and innovating and sustainable products being systematically developed further and refined are greatly appreciated not only by the industry, but also in infrastructure equipment.

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June 7, 2019

Since the OLG / ELG series bladder accumulator is no longer manufactured by Parker, OLAER (Schweiz) AG has developed and designed a successor model for the OLG and the ELG.

Bladder accumulator OLG / ELG

October 1, 2018

Storing, absorbing, pressurizing, cooling and filtering of fluids

Overview brochure Fluid Management OLAER - en (2.7 MiB)


June 26, 2018

Here you can find the new brochure about Pressure Shock Consideration and the Form for the collection of data.
You can download it, write the data directly into the PDF and then send it back to us per email.

February 17, 2020


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March 21, 2019

Forced flow pressure surge protection for drinking water systems

Pressure surges and under pressures within the drinking water systems are undesired consequences, which may result from sudden pump failures (for example after an emergency shut-down in the event of a power failure) and quick-closing valves. The damage that may be caused to pumping stations, pipelines and fittings can result in breakdowns, pipe bursts and contaminated drinking water.

Image 1: Pressure curve within the pumping station during the emergency shut-down










In 5 steps to a safe drinking water system – all from a single source

  1. Overall pressure shock/negative pressure analysis of the drinking water system
  2. Project-specific design of the forced-flow diaphragm pressure shock absorbers
  3. Production and commissioning of pressure surge/vacuum protection
  4. Plan monitoring during operation by sensor technology
  5. Nationwide After Sales Service (recurring maintenance works and tests)


Patented forced flow according to SVGW and DVGW

The media-separated diaphragm pressure shock absorber has a permanent forced flow while the pump is running, and avoids stagnant water.


  • Food certified according to SVGW and DVGW
  • No compressor system required
  • Highest efficiency (best in class) due to optimized flow and maximum free passage
  • High membrane longevity
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • High pressure retention through gas-side nitrogen filling
  • Standard series up to 40 bar
  • Compact vertical or horizontal installation
  • Independent, decentralized installation possible

The robust diaphragm shock absorbers have been specially designed for load changes occurring during pressure surges. As a consequence, they differ from expansion vessels.





















We look forward to hearing from you!

Olaer (Schweiz) AG – Your specialist for pressure shock considerations and simulations/pressure surge tank design and production.








June 6, 2019

Newsletter Hydraulic 1/2019 June

Active water and oil cooling systems / Chiller

To achieve high working accuracy, tools and machines require constant spindle, lubricating and gear oil temperatures. Optimal cooling results depend on many factors. We analyse the existing conditions and offer a solution for every application.

Modern cooling systems help reducing operational costs, as cooled machines and tools last longer and work more accurately. Targeted cooling increase quantities at higher quality levels. The working accuracy of machine tools and the reproducibility of parts to be manufactured depend largely on the proper working temperature.

Besides external heat sources such as solar radiation 8562532553 who call , heating, etc., other internal heat sources (motors, bearings hydraulic units) as well as the cutting process negatively affect the stability of machine tools.

Advantages of our water cooling systems / oil cooling systems

  • Higher precision in the manufacture
  • Very small tolerances possible
  • Improved quality
  • Stable temperatures possible (accurate temperature control ± 0.1 to ± 2 K)
  • Compact, extremely resistant and reliable
  • Energy-efficient (deep water and sewage costs, low electricity costs)
  • No consumption of fresh water required
  • Longer life-time of the cooling medium (oil or water)
  • Low installation costs (no fresh water piping required)
  • Also possibile for very deep and constant water temperatures (LCW series up to – 30 °C)
  • Cooled machines and tools are durable
  • Higher productivity (higher quantity)
  • Cooling systems are ready to connect and ready-to-operate
  • Flexible installation site (independent of the existing pipeline)
  • Various versions with or without tank available
  • Various versions with/without pump possible
  • Compressor temperature-controlled (energy saving), cooling only when necessary
  • Many options for all possible applications available
  • Also available with bundle pipe evaporator (CU) ideal for handling contaminated oil and emulsions
  • Also available as immersion cooler (CI), easy to maintain and clean










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