Forced flow pressure surge protection for drinking water systems

Pressure surges and under pressures within the drinking water systems are undesired consequences, which may result from sudden pump failures (for example after an emergency shut-down in the event of a power failure) and quick-closing valves. The damage that may be caused to pumping stations, pipelines and fittings can result in breakdowns, pipe bursts and contaminated drinking water.

Image 1: Pressure curve within the pumping station during the emergency shut-down










In 5 steps to a safe drinking water system – all from a single source

  1. Overall pressure shock/negative pressure analysis of the drinking water system
  2. Project-specific design of the forced-flow diaphragm pressure shock absorbers
  3. Production and commissioning of pressure surge/vacuum protection
  4. Plan monitoring during operation by sensor technology
  5. Nationwide After Sales Service (recurring maintenance works and tests)


Patented forced flow according to SVGW and DVGW

The media-separated diaphragm pressure shock absorber has a permanent forced flow while the pump is running, and avoids stagnant water.


  • Food certified according to SVGW and DVGW
  • No compressor system required
  • Highest efficiency (best in class) due to optimized flow and maximum free passage
  • High membrane longevity
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • High pressure retention through gas-side nitrogen filling
  • Standard series up to 40 bar
  • Compact vertical or horizontal installation
  • Independent, decentralized installation possible

The robust diaphragm shock absorbers have been specially designed for load changes occurring during pressure surges. As a consequence, they differ from expansion vessels.





















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